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        Introducing, "America’s Favorite Doctor,” Dr. Laura Purdy, MD. Dr. Purdy is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician who has been featured in Vogue, on Fox News, ABC, NBC, and NPR (among others) as the nation’s leading authority and thought leader on the future of digital healthcare.

         Dr.Laura Purdy graduated from Uniform Services University of Health Science and is currently licensed in 48 states. She served as a physician in the US Army for 14 years and her in-depth digital health expertise comes from more than a decade spent providing and directing primary care for hundred of thousand of patients of all ages, from all walks of life.

        In addition, she has held several leadership positions in the telemedicine industry with experience as a virtual health physician, medical director, consultant and PC Owner. Passionate and effort to help as many people as she can, Dr.Laura Purdy uses her role as a C-suite executive to carry out a vision of establishing the most advanced telehealth systems.





       Meet your Mindful Hydration concierge nurses! They are trained, licensed, and experienced with IV administering in hospitals and clinics. Our team of nurses and medical providers are committed to providing you safe and high quality care to you, our patients, in your preferred setting. Personalized care with safety as our highest priority for you.
















      Van and Kat met late summer 2021 as real estate professionals. We developed a good partnership based on trust and communication that lead to successful real estate transactions.

       Entrepreneurs with a shared vision and mission to serve others and make an impact. Van and Kat explored the idea of a new venture in the health and wellness sector that aligned with that goal to empower others and help each individual evolve to be the best version of themselves.

       After the global pandemic, all of us realize the importance of health. As the adage saying, “health is wealth.” Mindful Hydration was born to serve that mission of putting health a priority for all individuals.

    We believe our business acumen to focus on the operations and management is an advantage so that our on-demand medical team has the time and energy to deliver exemplary customer service to our patients.

       The Mindful Hydration team plans to raise awareness and build partnerships with local and national companies to prioritize health of each individual. We also plan to give back a percentage of our profits to local charities. We welcome your support. Thank you.