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NAD IV Treatment

Specialty IV Treatment


INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes 
USES: Anti-aging benefits, help safeguard brain cells, help reverses cell damage, metabolism & digestion, aids mental clarity, detox & cleanse, support recovery, boost energy

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The IV Treatment for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) provides a wide-range of support and benefits like improved health, auto-immune disease, anti-aging, and a vast amount more. 

For example, treatment of metabolic function and brain restoring benefit to help you look, feel and be your best as any age. This seemingly limitless, natural occurring compound has far-reaching potential. NAD+ IV Therapy continues to excite scientist and inspire physicians with new discoveries backed by scientific data and daily living examples.

Only about 18% of the NAD+ and vitamin C we consume orally is absorbed by our bodies. However, when its delivered by IV, NAD+ and vitamin C is 100% bioavailable.

Fortunately, our NAD+ can help boost your brain function, reverse cell damage, and increase your metabolism so that you can stay happy, engaged and focused on your life. NAD+ Treatment is carefully formulated to give your body the support it needs to maintain your normal bodily functions as you age. NAD is a type of amino acid that is present in every cell in your body, and because your body is powered by cells of various kinds, NAD plays a very crucial role in mitochondrial function.